Napoleon: A Professional Movie Review

The movie being reviewed is called Napoleon, an epic film that is currently playing in theaters and will be released on Apple TV Plus in January 2024. Directed by Sir Ridley Scott, the film covers the rise and fall of Napoleon’s power and his tumultuous relationship with Josephine. It is rated R and has a runtime of 2 hours and 38 minutes.

Movie Review Grade

The overall movie review grade for Napoleon, according to Soap2day, is a B or even a B minus. The following sections will provide an overview of the movie, highlighting both the positive aspects and areas that could have been improved.

Positive Aspects


Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix delivers an excellent performance as Napoleon. His portrayal is praised for its intensity and authenticity. Vanessa Kirby also shines in her role as Josephine, showcasing her talent and beauty.

Visuals and Production

The movie’s visuals are stunning, with opulent set designs, period costumes, and real locations. French music and the overall aesthetic create an immersive experience. The battle sequences, a trademark of Ridley Scott, are impressive and visually engaging.

Historical Accuracy

Napoleon sheds light on the troubled relationships Napoleon had with his wives, particularly Josephine. The inclusion of authentic letters written by Napoleon adds depth to the narrative. While some historical inaccuracies are present, overall, the movie provides valuable insights into Napoleon’s life.

Areas for Improvement

Movie Length

At a runtime of 2 hours and 38 minutes, Napoleon is considered lengthy. Some viewers may find it challenging to stay engaged throughout the entire film. A shorter runtime could have improved the overall pacing and audience satisfaction.

Explicit Content

Napoleon includes a significant number of explicit scenes, both in terms of violence and sexual content. While these scenes may contribute to the portrayal of Napoleon’s character, they could have been reduced to maintain a more balanced narrative.

Humor and Entertainment

While Napoleon is primarily a drama, some viewers may have expected more moments of levity and humor. The movie leans heavily towards serious themes and may not provide enough light-hearted moments to balance the overall tone.

Themes Worth Exploring

  • Ambition
  • Revolution
  • Toxic relationships
  • Narcissism
  • Power
  • Loyalty
  • Duty and love of country
  • Sacrifice
  • History
  • Insecurity


If you enjoyed Napoleon, here are three other films you might find interesting:

  1. Robert the Bruce – Based on a true story, this film offers a gripping narrative but contains explicit violent content.
  2. Lines of Wellington – A historical drama focusing on battles that are based on true events.
  3. Medieval – Inspired by a true character and events, this film explores the medieval period with graphic violence.

Tips for Parents

Napoleon contains explicit content and is not suitable for children. The movie includes bloody violence, depictions of warfare, a beheading scene, suicide, and sexual content. Parents should exercise caution when considering whether this movie is appropriate for their children.


In conclusion, Napoleon offers a visually stunning portrayal of Napoleon’s life and turbulent relationships. Joaquin Phoenix delivers an outstanding performance, supported by a talented cast. While the movie has its strengths, including historical accuracy and captivating visuals, it falls short in terms of length and explicit content. Overall, it is recommended for viewers with an interest in historical dramas and a tolerance for graphic scenes.

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