Freelance Movie Review

Freelance is an action comedy film directed by Pierre Morel and written by Jacob Lent. The movie follows an ex Special Forces operative who takes on the job of providing security for a journalist during an interview with a dictator in a foreign country. However, when a military coup breaks out, they are forced to escape into the jungle to survive. Available to stream on Amazon Prime and in select theaters, Freelance offers a unique blend of humor, action, and drama.

Film Quality and Content

Freelance has received mixed reviews from film critics, with a low score of 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, audience reviews were more positive, giving the film a grade of 77%. As a movie reviewer, we found it entertaining and enjoyable, giving it a grade of C+.

What We Liked

There were several aspects of Freelance that stood out to me. Firstly, John Cena delivers a hilarious performance, showcasing his comedic talent and impressive physicality. The story, revolving around a character with special forces training, adds depth and excitement to the film. The cast, including Alice and Brie and Christian Slater, did a commendable job in their respective roles.

The soundtrack of the movie is fun, energetic, and adds to the overall enjoyment of the film. Additionally, the inclusion of witty dialogue and references to other movies adds a layer of humor that we always appreciate. The twists and turns in the story keep the viewer engaged and guessing, and the action sequences are well-executed.

What Could Have Been Better

One aspect of Freelance that could have been improved is its inconsistent tone. The film shifts between comedy, action, and drama, making it difficult to determine the filmmakers’ intentions. While we expected a comedy due to John Cena’s presence and the movie’s marketing, others may have anticipated a different genre.

Furthermore, the film contains profanity, violence, and nudity, making it unsuitable for family viewing. Parents should be aware of the mature content when deciding whether to watch it with their children.

Themes Explored

Freelance touches upon various themes, including purpose, protecting others, brotherhood, broken dreams, corporate greed, journalism, trust and betrayal, politics, the power of the media, and military coups. These themes add depth and substance to the film, elevating it beyond a simple action comedy.


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