Dashing Through the Snow Movie Review

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“Dashing Through the Snow” is a Christmas movie exclusively available on the Disney+ Channel. Directed by Tim Story and written by Scott Rosenberg, this hour and 32-minute film follows the story of a divorced social worker who takes his daughter on an eventful ride on Christmas Eve.

What the Reviewer Liked

The movie offers some enjoyable elements, such as amusing references to real-life personalities. One character even comments on how Ludacris resembles John Legend. It’s a refreshing change to see Ludacris in a family-friendly holiday movie, deviating from his usual high-octane action roles. Lil Ray Howry brings entertainment as Santa Claus, and Madison Sky Validum delivers a natural and adorable performance as Charlotte. The rest of the cast, including Oscar Nunes and Mary Lynn Rajskub, also impresses with their acting abilities.

Additionally, the film features plenty of Christmas decor and holiday spirit, and the costume design by Salvador Perez Jr. adds to the festive atmosphere. Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, a hub for filmmaking, the movie showcases the city’s Southern hospitality.

Areas for Improvement

While “Dashing Through the Snow” has its positive aspects, it falls short in certain areas. For instance, the villains are portrayed as completely ridiculous and harmless, making the plot predictable and filled with cliches. The scriptwriting lacks depth and fails to leave a lasting impression, ultimately rendering the movie forgettable.

Despite Disney’s efforts to include diversity in the film, the focus should have been on crafting a stronger script. It almost feels as if the movie was hastily written during a writer’s strike in Hollywood.

Tips for Parents

“Dashing Through the Snow” is a family-friendly movie. However, there are some elements parents should be aware of. The film touches on various topics, including belief in Santa Claus, chaotic action, dishonest politicians, home invasion, divorce, and therapy. It’s important for parents to consider these themes before deciding whether the content is suitable for their children.

Funny and Interesting Lines

Here are a few lines from the movie that showcase its dialogue:

  • “It’s so dumb that you don’t like Christmas.” – Charlotte
  • “That’s ludicrous!” – St. Nick
  • “What’s the point of going to therapy if you’re not going to give me a chance to prove that it’s working?” – Eddie Garrick


If you’re interested in movies similar to “Dashing Through the Snow,” here are three recommendations:

  1. “Genie” (2021) – Starring Melissa McCarthy, this movie combines wacky humor with valuable family life lessons.
  2. “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” (2013) – For some goofy slapstick fun, check out this holiday comedy directed by Tyler Perry.
  3. “This Christmas” (2007) – This older film captures the essence of holiday storytelling and offers a similar level of goofiness.

If you’ve seen any of these movies, let us know in the comments below! Your engagement with soap2day helps us grow and spread the magic of movie reviews. Have a fantastic day and a happy holiday season!

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