A Merry Scottish Christmas Movie Review

In this blog post, we will be reviewing the movie “A Merry Scottish Christmas.” This film is a sweet addition to the holiday collection that Hallmark presents every year. It takes place in Scotland and follows the story of estranged siblings who travel there to uncover a family secret. Directed by Dustin Rert and written by Andrea Canning and Audrey Schulman, this movie offers a glimpse into the beautiful Scottish culture and features stunning locations such as Dun’s Castle. With a runtime of 2 hours, it is the perfect choice for a cozy Christmas movie night.

What to Expect

As a Hallmark movie, “A Merry Scottish Christmas” follows a familiar formula that appeals to fans of the genre. It features picturesque Scottish landscapes, charming characters, and heartwarming moments. The film explores themes of family, hidden identity, and the importance of embracing imperfections. While it may not delve into deeper topics like Jesus’s birth or Santa Claus, it offers a festive atmosphere and plenty of holiday decorations to set the mood.


One of the highlights of this movie is the opportunity to experience the beauty of Scotland. From Dun’s Castle to the stunning Scottish accent, viewers are transported to a magical world. The talented cast, including Lacy Shabber, Scout Wolf, James Robinson, and Kelly Blaze, deliver strong performances and bring the characters to life. Fans of Hallmark movies will also appreciate the clever references to previous films and the charming dialogue.

Parental Guidance

While “A Merry Scottish Christmas” is suitable for all ages, it may not capture the attention of younger children. The film focuses on adult characters and family drama, with minimal presence of children. It explores themes of dysfunctional family dynamics, hidden secrets, and the decision to have children. There is some alcohol consumption depicted in various scenes, and adult siblings engage in arguments. However, there is no profanity, making it a family-friendly choice overall.

If you enjoy “A Merry Scottish Christmas,” here are three other films you may also like:

  1. “A Castle for Christmas” (available on Netflix): This film takes place in a beautiful British castle and features an older couple as the leads, offering a refreshing perspective on romance.
  2. “Christmas at the Castle”: This movie captures the romance and festive atmosphere of a castle setting, with stunning decorations and heartwarming moments.
  3. “Falling for Christmas” (available on Netflix): Set in a cozy cabin in the woods, this film combines Christmas spirit and romance, offering a unique twist on the holiday movie genre.

These films are perfect choices for a cozy Christmas movie marathon, filled with love, holiday cheer, and beautiful settings.


“A Merry Scottish Christmas” is a delightful addition to Hallmark’s holiday movie collection. With its charming Scottish backdrop, talented cast, and heartwarming storyline, it offers a wonderful escape into the holiday spirit. While it may not delve into deeper themes, it provides an enjoyable experience for fans of the genre. Whether you’re a Hallmark enthusiast or simply looking for a cozy Christmas movie night, this film is sure to bring joy and warmth to your holiday season.

Happy watching on Soap2day, and have a fantastic Christmas!

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