The Newest Disney Animation: Wish Movie Review

Welcome to the Soap2day blog, your go-to source for professional movie reviews. Today, we are excited to review the newest Disney Animation, called Wish. Directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Verusen Thor, this movie aims to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary. In this blog, we will explore the film’s highlights, critique some aspects, and provide valuable insights for parents.


Wish tells the story of a young girl named Asha who makes a wish upon a star. To her surprise, the wish is answered when a troublemaking star descends from the sky to join her. The film, lasting 1 hour and 35 minutes, is designed to honor Disney’s legacy, but does it live up to the expectations?

Things to Love About Wish

  • Ariana Deos’ stellar performance as the voice of Asha, bringing depth and emotion to her character.
  • Clever nods to Disney’s history, such as the references to Mickey Mouse and the Seven Dwarves.
  • Powerful and energetic songs that add to the movie’s appeal.
  • The dedication to Bernie Mattinson, a Disney veteran who worked with the studio for an impressive 70 years.
  • The exploration of themes like hope, dreams, and taking action to make them come true.

Areas of Improvement

  • The film feels like a mishmash of previous Disney movies, lacking originality in character design.
  • The animation, while intentional in its homage to older styles, falls short compared to recent Disney releases.
  • The portrayal of male characters as either buffoons or evil, which may detract from the overall balance.
  • The blurred line between standing up for what’s right and potentially promoting revolution.

Tips for Parents

Wish is a family-friendly movie, but it does contain some fighting and rebellious scenes. However, there is no profanity, making it suitable for all ages. Parents may want to discuss themes of caring for others, safety, and the power of wishes with their children after watching the film.

Funny and Interesting Lines

Here are some notable lines from the movie:

  • “I’m so nervous I think I’m going to explode.” – Asha
  • “Through the heart, we understand the world.” – Asha’s friend
  • “No one should ever have to see their dreams destroyed before their eyes.” – King Magnifico
  • “People think wishes are just ideas, but no, they are part of your heart, the very best part.” – King Magnifico


If you enjoyed movies like Moana, Frozen, and Tangled, you are likely to resonate with Wish. Asha’s character and personality bear resemblances to the beloved characters from these films. If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check them out for a delightful movie experience.


In conclusion, Wish offers a heartwarming story with strong vocal performances and nods to Disney’s rich history. While it lacks originality in character design and falls short in terms of animation detail, it still manages to deliver a family-friendly experience. The film explores themes of hope, dreams, and taking action to make them a reality. Whether you decide to watch it in theaters or on the Disney Plus Channel, Wish is worth considering for a magical movie night.

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