Hot Romantic Movies of the 2000s

If you want to know the best steamy romance movies you should definitely watch our picks for the hot romantic movies of the 2000s. 

10. Chloe (2009)

It is directed by Adam Egoyan. Disbelief and jealousy will end in catastrophe in this sexually charged Thriller about horrifying truth and even deadlier lies. 

When a woman suspects her husband is cheating on her with his students, she hires a sex worker to seduce him, testing his will to resist temptation. But as the mysterious Beauty spills out Secrets, an Unstoppable spiral unfolds.

9. Unfaithful (2002)

It is an erotic Thriller drama film directed by Adrian Lynn. Following the shocking premise of its title Unfaithful follows Connie Sumner who has a loving husband, a beautiful home and a wonderful son but she wants more. 

When she’s approached one day by a handsome stranger while trying to hail a taxi. She becomes obsessed with him and eventually starts an affair but her selfish actions soon catch up with her. 

8. Secretary (2002)

It is a 2002 erotic romantic drama comedy film directed by Stephen Schoenberg. This rather unconventional yet of course intense and provocative Affair story follows a young and self-harming woman who is starting all over again in a new dull job. 

One day her older boss spanks her for a mistake but both are surprised when she actually enjoys the treatment now she wants more and their employer employee relationship turns into a sexual sadomasochistic one. 

7. Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008)

It is directed and written by Woody Allen. Two young American women Vicky played by Rebecca Hall and Christina played by Scarlett Johansson travele together to Barcelona for the summer. Here they meet an artist Juan Antonio played by Javier Bardem who was attracted to both of them while still enamored of his unstable ex-wife Maria Elena played by Penelope Cruz. 

Vicky and Christina’s self-image and life expectations are put to the test when Juan invites them to spend a weekend with him. 

6. Closer 

It is a 2004 drama romance film directed by Mike Nichols. Alice is a stripper who has moved to London and has an unexpected encounter with Dan on the Streets of London. While staring at him, she is abruptly hit by a car. Dan immediately takes her to a nearby hospital and since then the two enter into a relationship. Over time Dan’s infatuation towards Alice begins to fade and he forms a new relationship with photographer Anna. 

5. Lust,Caution (2007)

It is directed by Ang Lee. Love and War are two things that can’t go together, at least chances are high that they will end in a deadly and heartbreaking tragedy. 

But for the master class Beauty assassin Mrs yay the risk is worth a try because when she is ordered to seduce and assassinate an enemy officer. Their love for each other may be stronger than War’s thrilling Horrors 

4. The Piano Teacher (2001)

It is written and directed by Mikhail Hanukkah. This unsettling psychosexual drama explores the horrifying sexual relationship of a woman with her own body. Living a life of self-mutilation and morbid masochism. 

Her life consists of porn, Cinemas, peep shows and giving piano lessons. When one day one of her students seduces her, her troubled past could take a turn for a brighter future or an even more horrifying end technique. 

3. And Your Mother Too (2001)

It is directed by Alfonso Cuarron. The film takes place in Mexico and follows the story of two teenagers and close friends Julio and Tanak who set off on a journey to a fictional beach with the older and attractive Louisa. 

In hopes of seducing her on the way a bitter rivalry emerges will their friendship collapse. 

2. Match Point 

It was released in 2005. It is a thriller directed and written by Woody Allen and his first made in Great Britain. The movie tells the story of tennis instructor Chris Wilton who climbs into London high society and finds himself in a dilemma. 

When he struggles between two women, his fiance and an unsuccessful actress who also happens to be dating his friend and soon-to-be brother-in-law. 

1. Mulholland Drive (2001)

It is a surrealist neo-noir mystery film written and directed by David Lynch. This extraordinary abstract dreamy experience is defined by the remarkable direction of Lynch following a woman who has left amnesic after a car crash on the winding. 

Mulholland Drive along with a mysterious Woman by her side. She searches for Clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting Venture Beyond dreams and reality. 

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