Underrated Steve McQueen Movies

If you like Steve McQueen you should definitely check our picks for his Underrated Steve McQueen Movies.

10. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

It is a heist film directed by Norman Jewson. When you’re unimaginably rich there isn’t much left to do. Millionaire Thomas Crown takes this literally and attempts a brilliant scheme to rob a bank. 

But a beautiful Bank Insurance Investigator is on his track. Setting the two on a romantic game of cat and mouse but can the Charming scammer get away with the same crime twice.

9. The Towering Inferno (1974)

It is a disaster film directed by John Guillermin. Even in the face of catastrophe, corruption will ensure. When a state-of-the-art penthouse building is accidentally set on fire during an opening ceremony, the burned Fire Chief and the architect must figure out a way to save the people. 

While a corrupt contractor tries to evade responsibility for the incident. 

8. The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

It is a drama film directed by Norman Jewison. This game played by Outlaws and legendary loners won’t let anyone know who is on top until the very end. 

Charming young poker player Eric Stoner wants to be the best around but first he has to win against Lancey the man Howard. Upon finding out the game is rigged against him his ego stands in the way and it becomes a question of dignity. 

7. Love With A Proper Stranger (1963)

It is a romantic comedy drama film directed by Robert Mulligan. As one of the first movies in post-world War II Hollywood, to let loose a wave of feminist movies. Love With A Proper Stranger takes a realistic look at abortion in the 1960s while also telling a compelling love story. 

After a one-night stand goes wrong two Charming young people see themselves facing a potential kid.

6.Bullitt (1968)

It is a neo-noir action thriller film directed by Peter Yates and stars Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn and Jacqueline Bisset. Including one of the most famous car chases ever filmed, an elite cast as cool as ice bullet is a mob cop story of double crosses, betrayal and deep-rooted Corruption. 

When a senator wants to take down the local mapas he needs help from insiders who must be protected by ambitious cops but nothing could prepare anyone for the war that is about to go down. 

5. The Getaway (1972)

It is an action thriller film directed by Sam Peckinpah. This classic Heist gone wrong road trip follows a troubled couple on one last job before setting off with more money than they could ever spend. 

But when they are betrayed by their Partners Prime Duo Doc and Carol find themselves hunted by the law and the underworld with no money aimlessly fleeing through Texas. 

4. The Sand Pebbles (1966)

It is directed by Robert Wise. Honour and friendship are tested in this War epic driven by A Dark Truth at its core. 

The Sand Pebbles follows eight-year veteran machinist Jake Holman on a mission to protect civilians in the face of clashes between communist and Chinese Warlords. But in the middle of a bitter political Feud hope is hard to find.

3. The Magnificent Seven (1960)

It is a western film directed by John Sturgis bringing the best elements of Eastern Cinema to the Western genre. The Magnificent Seven sees seven very different Gunslingers fight for a small town too afraid to stand up for itself. 

Training the town’s Fulk and weaponry their one and only Mission will be to stand side by side against the ruthless thugs holding the town’s controls in their Filthy Hands.

2. Papillon (1973)

It is a 1973 period drama prison movie directed by Franklin J Schaffner. Obsessed with freeing himself, a man befriends a fellow criminal after they serve their sentence in the famous Devil’s Island. The script was written by Dalton Trumbo and Lorenzo Semple Jr and was based on the 1969 life story of French convict Henry charier. 

The film stars Steve McQueen as Sharier Papillon and Dustin Hoffman as Luis Dega. The film’s title is French for butterfly referring to the charier’s tattoo and nickname. 

1. The Great Escape (1963)

It is an epic war film directed by John Sturgis setting the tone for generations and decades of action thrillers to come. The Great Escape finds allied soldiers imprisoned in a World War II Nazi camp fighting for survival. 

They plan to dare the ultimate prison escape by digging a massive tunnel but when the plan becomes reality the real danger of their mission is clearer than ever. 

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