Best British Romance Movies of the 2000s

If you want to know the Best British romance movies you should definitely check our picks for the best ones of the 2000s. 

10. Starter for 10 

It is directed by Tom Vaughn. This witty coming-of-age story is not only smartly charming and just pleasantly funny. It also dives into darker territory as it explores the conventions of growing up in a modern world. 

When Brian gets the chance to attend a major Prestige University, his life is turned upside down when he meets people of romance, hate and rivalry. 

9. Bridget Jones’s Diary 

If you had a choice between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, who would you choose? That’s the question the role of Renee Zellweger tries to answer in the 2001 romantic comedy Bridget Jones’s Diary. It is directed by Sharon McGuire. The movie is based on fielding’s 1996 novel of the same name which is a reinterpretation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. 

The story follows Bridget Jones, an average dissatisfied woman who fights against her age weight and lack of a man, 

8. The Holiday 

It is written, produced and directed by Nancy Myers. When two women who are disappointed by life and the relationships they get from it exchange their houses for a refreshing holiday trip. 

They must face massive cultural shocks as they each encounter completely new cities. But what both couldn’t have expected is to fall in love there. When the exchange ends both have to make life-changing decisions.

7.About a Boy 

It is directed by Chris Weitz. Marcus Brewer’s mother Fiona is a clinically depressed woman. To make his mother happy, Marcus decides to find a boyfriend for her. Will Freeman, a freeloader who has never worked a day in his life meets his match when he meets Marcus.

The little boy decides to pair up his mother with Will and unknowingly changes the lives of everyone in the process. 

6. The Young Victoria 

It is directed by Jean-Marc Vallee. This 2009 drama tells the story of the turbulent First Years of the reign of Queen Victoria who was crowned at the age of 18 and got caught up in the political machinations of her own family. 

While she fights at the English court with envious intruders and those who want to strip her of her Newfound power. She meets Prince Albert, the man who will become the love of her life. 

5.The Girl in the cafe 

It is a 2005 drama film directed by David Yates. This beautiful journey of two people finding each other to overcome the greatest distance follows Lawrence, a British City servant assigned to his country’s delegation in Iceland. 

Even though committing to a life of loneliness he soon finds himself drawn to Gina, an odd woman he has met in a cafe but will their distance be overcome so easily.

4. Across the Universe 

It is directed by Julie Taymor. Inspired by the legendary Beatles music that frames this masterful musical. Across the universe is the story of Jude who settles in the United States in order to find his lost family. 

He meets a beautiful woman and her extravagant Companions and the two fall in love. But their musical relationship is threatened by the start of the Vietnam War.

3. Love Actually 

It is directed by Richard Curtis. Set one month before the eve of Christmas love actually follows the lives of eight different couples and their unique takes on love and romance. 

The movie is directed by Richard Curtis who manages to capture the difficulties and hardships of various relationships elegantly and back it all into a perfect Christmas atmosphere. 

2. Atonement 

It is a 2007 romantic War drama film, directed by Joe Wright. The 2007 film is based on Ian McEwen’s 2001 novel of the same name. The film tells the story of Briony Talus, a 13 year old girl and future writer and the consequences of her actions after she misinterprets several events and changes the lives of Two Lovers, her older sister Cecilia and Robbie Turner, the son of a family servant. 

The movie has a wonderful score and won an Oscar for best achievement in music 

1. Pride and Prejudice 

It is a 2005 period romance film directed by Joe Wright and based on Jane Austen’s 1813 novel of the same name. This tale of love and values unfolds in the class-conscious England of the late 18th century. The five Bennett sisters including strong-willed Elizabeth have been raised by their mother with one purpose in life: finding a husband. 

As the wealthy Bachelor Mr Bingley and his friend Mr Darcy arrive in the neighbourhood the lives of the five daughters are turned upside down 

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