Awesome Sex Worker Movies

If you want to see stories about people working in all areas of the adult industry you should definitely watch our picks for the Awesome sex worker movies 

10. Hustlers 

It is written and directed by Loren Scafaria. It follows a Wolf of Wall Street like concept with smart execution but from a feminine standpoint. The story of “Hustlers” follows a group of rising strippers in a famous Wall Street Club who dream of big money. 

But when the opportunity of a big scam seems like the easiest way, the ladies fall into a hole of crime, lies and inescapable consequences. 


It is a black comedy crime film directed by Jennica Bravo. Inspired by a real life Twitter thread that took the internet’s Breath Away, Zola is the colorful road trip of a struggling waitress accompanying a hot dancer and her boyfriend. 

When they head to Florida to find a high end strip club. The Hunt for fortune and a better future is their motivation as life falls apart around them.

8. Middleman 

It is directed by George Gallo. This is the story of two drugged out Geniuses who created the first charging porn site and a businessman who was brought in to team up with them and turn their profitable idea into a legit business.

Making money in the pornography industry is pretty easy but staying true to yourself when surrounded by that much wealth, luxury, sex, crime and temptations is much harder. 

7. Risky Business 

It is a teen sex comedy film written and directed by Paul Brickman. When we are young we go down with the most foolish decisions and ideas. When high school senior Joel’s parents leave for vacation, he makes his time worthwhile with the entertainment of a sex worker. But her bill, the next morning is anything but cheap and after crashing his father’s sports car he needs money fast. What could go wrong with opening a brothel in his parents house yes, no, maybe yes or no maybe. 

6. Pretty Woman 

It is a romantic comedy film directed by Gary Marshall. This is in its very own way a modern Cinderella story that explores the unlikely relationship between a wealthy but lonely businessman and a sex worker hired to stay with him for the weekend. 

The two soon noticed that there could be more between them than just a business relationship but how could they ever overcome the gap between their very different worlds

5. Closer 

It is a 2004 drama romance film directed by Mike Nichols. Alice is a stripper who has moved to London and has an unexpected encounter with Dan on the Streets of London. While staring at him, she is abruptly hit by a car. 

Dan immediately takes her to a nearby hospital and since then the two enter into a relationship over time. Dan’s infatuation towards Alice begins to fade and he forms a new relationship with photographer Anna.

4. The People vs Larry Flint 

It is directed by Milos Forman. Larry Flint is a controversial pornography publisher of Hustler magazine. The movie spans about 35 years of Flint’s life. From his impoverished upbringing in Kentucky to his court battle with Reverend Jerry falwell. 

It recounts his struggle to make an honest living publishing his magazine and how it changes into a battle to protect the freedom of speech for all people.

3.Leaving Las Vegas 

It is a romantic drama film written and directed by Mike Figgis. It offers a Nicholas Cage performance that represents an unbelievable high for his career. Leaving Las Vegas is a burning story about trauma, loss and depression. 

For cynical author Ben Sanderson, life means drinking himself to death in Vegas. But when he meets a beautiful sex worker, he forms a bond with her. It seems easy at first but could be the way out for him. 

2. Midnight Cowboy 

It is a 1969 buddy drama film directed by John Schlesinger. The naive Joe Buck quits his job of dishwasher and travels from his small Texas Hometown to New York City expecting to make money as a hustler. When he meets Ratzo Rizzo, an outcast with a similar past, the two form an unlikely Bond. 

The film won three Academy Awards including best picture best director and best adapted screenplay and is the only x-rated film ever to win best picture. 

1. Boogie Nights 

It is a 1997 period drama film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Cynical and dark humoured Boogie follows idealistic porn producer Jack Cor. On his way trying to craft an art form, discovering the young, hot and talented Eddie Adams. 

He will soon be famous in the whole country under the name Dirk Digler. But the fantasy of Glamour and fame vanishes when they collide with the cold reality of Life.

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