The Velvetine Rabbit: A Heartwarming Tale of Unconditional Love

Welcome to our blog, where you can find comprehensive reviews of the latest films. In this blog post, we will be discussing the enchanting movie, “The Velvetine Rabbit.” Directed by Jennifer Perau and Rick Theel, this film is a delightful remake of the classic book by Marjerie Williams. It celebrates the magic of unconditional love and takes viewers on a journey into The World of Magic.

A Quaint Remake

“The Velvetine Rabbit” is now available for streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. With a runtime of just 44 minutes, this family-friendly film is perfect for a cozy movie night with your loved ones. Although it is not a Christmas movie, it beautifully captures the essence of the Christmas season, making it a heartwarming choice for the holiday season.

Voices of Talent

One of the highlights of “The Velvetine Rabbit” is its stellar voice cast. The animated characters are brought to life by renowned actors such as Helena Bonham Carter, Alex Lther, Paton Joseph, Nicola Coughlin, and Lois Chimba. Their performances add depth and emotion to the characters, creating a captivating viewing experience.

A Blend of Animation and Reality

The film seamlessly blends live-action elements with animation, creating a visually stunning world. The use of stop-motion animation during the scenes when the toys come to life adds a touch of whimsy and enhances the overall charm of the film. The attention to detail in recreating the 1920s setting is commendable, transporting viewers back in time.

A Sweet and Melancholic Tale

“The Velvetine Rabbit” is a simple yet poignant story that tugs at the heartstrings. While it celebrates the joys of childhood, it also serves as a reminder that life’s magic fades with time. The film beautifully explores themes of love, friendship, imagination, and change. Be prepared to have some tissues on hand as it may evoke a sense of nostalgia and melancholy.

Unconditional Love and Becoming Real

The central message of the film revolves around the power of unconditional love and becoming real. As the wise horse in the film wisely says, “When a child loves you, you become real.” This concept can provide an excellent opportunity for parents to discuss the importance of love and kindness with their children. It reminds us that true beauty lies within, and it is our challenge to see the beauty in every person we encounter.

Recommendations for Parents

While “The Velvetine Rabbit” is a family-friendly film, there are a few aspects for parents to consider. Younger children may find the line between reality and make-believe a bit confusing. It is advisable to have a conversation with your children about what is real and what is pretend. Additionally, the mention of scarlet fever, a historical disease, may require some explanation and comparison to the current pandemic.

Adults may resonate more deeply with the film’s nostalgic elements and themes of love and loss. The film’s slower pace and melancholic tone may not appeal to children who are accustomed to fast-paced, comedic movies with happy endings. However, it can serve as an opportunity to introduce children to films that explore deeper emotions and meaningful life lessons.

Similar Films to Explore

If you and your family enjoy “The Velvetine Rabbit,” here are some other films that you might appreciate:

  1. “The Railway Children”: This heartwarming film, set in beautiful England, shares similar themes of friendship and life lessons.
  2. “A Little Princess”: A beloved classic that teaches valuable lessons about imagination, resilience, and the power of kindness.
  3. “The Original ‘The Velvetine Rabbit'”: For a comparison between the remake and the original, check out the original film version of this timeless tale.


“The Velvetine Rabbit” is a touching and beautifully crafted film that celebrates the magic of childhood and the power of love. Although it may evoke a sense of melancholy, it serves as a reminder to cherish the moments of joy and to embrace the beauty in ourselves and others. So gather your loved ones, grab some popcorn, and embark on this heartwarming journey of unconditional love.

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