Film Review: Family Switch

In this film review, the movie “Family Switch” is examined. The film, a cute family-friendly comedy, is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix. Directed by MCG, the movie tells the story of a family who experiences a chance encounter with an astrological reader, resulting in a mysterious full body switch. The parents switch with the kids, leading to a day filled with entertaining and complicated events for each family member. With a runtime of 1 hour and 41 minutes, “Family Switch” offers viewers a holiday-themed flick that is sure to bring some Christmas cheer.

What to Like About “Family Switch”

One of the highlights of the movie is the presence of Jennifer Garner, who gives a fantastic performance as always. Garner, known for her role in the TV spy series “Alias,” brings her talent to the film. Additionally, the movie features a wonderful cast, including Ed Helms, Matias Schofer, Rita Moreno, Fortune Feimster, Howie Mandel, and Paul Sheer. The young actors, Emma Myers and Brady Noon, also deliver great performances.

“Family Switch” offers plenty of heart as the family members learn to appreciate what each other is going through in their respective lives. The film also references other movies, such as the adorable body swap movie “13 Going on 30,” which stars Jennifer Garner as well.

Furthermore, “Family Switch” provides some Christmas cheer with its festive songs and decor. The holiday setting adds to the overall enjoyment of the film. Lastly, viewers can look forward to funny bloopers from the cast during the final rolling credits.

Areas for Improvement

While “Family Switch” has its merits, there are a few aspects that could have been done better. Some viewers may find it unrealistic that the high school students in the movie do not resemble actual high schoolers. Additionally, the plot does not break new ground in the body swap genre, except for the unique twist of the entire family swapping places. The situations in the film are often exaggerated for comedic effect, so viewers should not expect a serious or realistic portrayal.

Tips for Parents

Parents should be aware that “Family Switch” includes elements that may not be suitable for younger audiences. The movie features farting, a dog urinating, a briefly shown picture of a colonoscopy, teenagers partying, profanity, bad behavior, spitting, adults and teens drinking alcohol, awkward kissing, and school bullies. It is advised for parents to exercise discretion when deciding whether the movie is appropriate for their children.

Themes Worth Discussing

Viewers watching “Family Switch” with their families can take the opportunity to discuss several themes presented in the film. These themes include viewing situations from another person’s perspective, the importance of family and family support, appreciating others, the concept of the multiverse, supporting loved ones’ dreams and talents, and celebrating and respecting everyone’s differences and quirks.

Memorable Lines

The movie’s dialogue and script offer some memorable lines worth mentioning. For example, Ed Helms’s character references another body switch movie and says, “No kid has ever just woken up big,” paying homage to the beloved film “Big” starring Tom Hanks. Another notable line comes from CeCe, played by Emma Myers, who says, “As a good mother, I hold space for all of my children’s mistakes.” This line highlights the challenges of transitioning from a helicopter parent to allowing children to make their own mistakes and learn from them. The film also touches on the idea that everyone’s way of doing things can be valid and that we all learn at different rates.

Similar Films to Enjoy

If you enjoy body switching movies, “Family Switch” might pique your interest. You may also want to check out “13 Going on 30” and “Big,” both of which provide entertaining takes on the genre. Another recommendation is “Freaky Friday,” a classic film featuring a true body switch between a mother and daughter.

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