The Three Musketeers

France is in turmoil and a new, naive King finds himself manipulated by the evil Cardinal Richelieu. With a corrupt commander of the royal guard by his side the Cardinal employs the expertise of the devious and wicked Milady de Winter in a plot to bring down the monarchy and drag the country into war. As France burns the Cardinal will take control. All that stands between them and victory are the remnants of an elite group who wore loyalty to crown and country. Above all else The Musketeers will stand against the odds to foil this deadly plot.

Actor: Ben Freeman, David O’Mahony, Jake J. Meniani, James Cosmo, Malachi Pullar-Latchman, Michael Higgs, Preeya Kalidas, Sophie-Louise Craig, Tom Taplin
Director: Bill Thomas

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 94 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2023

IMDb: 1.8

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