Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows

Professional caterer and amateur detective Goldy Berry is hired to cater for a big wedding. The bride, Jessamyn Cole is the ex-wife of Goldy’s current romantic interest, detective Tom Schultz. The town is shocked when they find the groom, Sterling Clearwater dead and Jessamyn missing. To complicate matters, a new detective with a vendetta against Tom is hired to oversee the case. Forced to take matters into their own hands, Goldy and Tom must find Jessamyn before she meets Sterling’s fate.

Actor: Andrew W. Walker, Brock Morgan, Jaycie Dotin, Katrina Kwan, Liz Wallace, Neil Webb, Nikki DeLoach, Riley Davis, Zebastin Borjeau
Director: Paul Ziller

Country: Canada, United States

Duration: 84 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2023

IMDb: 7.1

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